PA Farm Show

In January, we went to the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg. We’re finally getting some pictures uploaded.

2009_01_10 (1).JPG 2009_01_10 (6).JPG 2009_01_10 (4).JPG


T-Ball Practice

Shea decided he wants to play T-Ball this year. Since temperatures are in the 50s, he started practicing today.

2009_02_08 (1).jpg 2009_02_08 (5).jpg 2009_02_08 (7).jpg 2009_02_08 (9).jpg



Emma has been learning to ride a unicycle. She’s able to step onto the unicycle, ride for several hundred yards, and turn.

These pictures were taken this afternoon.
Unicycle 1  Unicycle 2  Unicycle 3


Clown Day

Shea decided that Sunday was Clown Day. Emma and Kolya joined him.

Clown Day


First Day of School

Emma started 4th grade. Shea started kindergarten.

Kolya continues to attend pre-school at the Early Learning Center.
2008_09_02 006.jpg 2008_09_02 017.jpg 2008_09_02 021.jpg 2008_09_02 005.jpg

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Jennifer’s Triathlon

On Sunday, June 29, Jennifer competed in the York Y-Triathlon. It was a 500 meter swim, 15 mile bike ride, and 5K run. She did great and finished strong.

2008_06_29 (17).jpg


At the Drive In

We took Emma and Shea to see Wall-E at Haar’s Drive-In on Sunday night.

Shea said he wanted to take a picture of the screen so we’d remember it. The picture turned out pretty good. I wish those rain clouds would have stayed away.

Haar's Drive-In


Visitors in the Backyard

Jennifer took these pictures on Sunday, June 8 before church. The deer walked through our backyard and into the neighbors’ yard.
2008_06_08 (1).jpg


End of School

Does someone look happy to be finished with third grade?
2008_06_10 002.jpg



Emma and Jennifer participated in a triathlon in Harrisburg on Saturday. They biked 1.5 miles, canoed 0.5 miles, and ran 1.5 miles. They did great! Both Jennifer and Emma finished very strong, running the entire 1.5 miles.

2008_06_14 048.jpg


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