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A picture of Kolya on the airplane, and a picture of Jennifer and the three kids just minutes after Shea and Emma met their new brother.
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We (all 5 of us!) arrived home around 9:00 pm Saturday. The three kids fell asleep in the van on the way home from the airport. We’re going to go to sleep early, too, in case Kolya wakes up early due to still being on his Moscow schedule. So we’ll post more info in a day or two.

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Jennifer sent this 9 am EST (5 pm Moscow) Friday

Kolya and I went shopping this morning and again this afternoon.

Kolya and I will be getting ready for dinner. I had a baguette from the hotel bakery yesterday for lunch and liked it so I bought another one for today’s dinner. Kolya has been eating the food I bought at the grocery store on the first day– lots of drinkable yogurt and fruit. I think we will buy breakfast at the hotel tomorrow before leaving for the airport.

I met two American families today. They are from CT. The one family is adopting two year old twins and the the other family is adopting an 11 mos old boy. They were headed to the embassy today. They don’t fly out until Wed of next week since they won’t be able to register at the consulate until Monday-Tues. That made me thankful to be going home tomorrow!

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More from Jennifer

Another email from Jennifer

Kolya and I had an OK day. I took him to the pool and he cried when he saw the water. Did I tell you about the bath episode? The first night I tried to give him a bath and he screamed when I turned on the water. So, anyway, today I swam and Kolya stood outside the pool throwing the beach ball to me. We’ll try again tomorrow since we don’t have anything else to do!

We went to a park this afternoon. It is about 1 block away. There were several moms and grandparents with kids there. Kolya played a little on the swings, but then stopped holding on and fell off. So, we left.

There appears to be a shopping area across the street from the hotel. I may try to go there tomorrow.

I am attaching some pics again. The one is from last night. Kolya wanted to sleep with his shoe.

Did I tell you that the dr. at the exam for the embassy said he weighs 20 lbs.? That is what most 1 year olds weigh.

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From Jennifer

Jennifer sent this via email:

We had a good night. Kolya slept until about 7 and then played quietly in the crib until 7:30. We played in the room this morning and are now going to try to find the pool. I am afraid it might not be in the hotel itself, but we’ll find out.

Not much else is new. I am hoping today and tomorrow go quickly and that we don’t go stir crazy!


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Jennifer sent some pictures.
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Embassy Update

I talked to Jennifer around 9 am EST (5 pm Moscow). Everything went fine at the embassy. She now has Kolya’s passport and visa.

On Thursday, our facilitator will take the paperwork to the Russian Consulate. She can then pick up the paperwork Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. This is the last step of the whole process.

Jennifer said that Kolya is starting to “act more comfortable” around her, for better or worse. :)

Jennifer changed their plane tickets, so she and Kolya will be coming home on Saturday.

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I talked to Jennifer several times tonight. She was concerned that she needed some more paperwork for the US Embassy, so she called around midnight. After compiling documents for about an hour, I emailed the files to her.

When I talked to her most recently, our facilitator had just filed our paperwork at the embassy and set up Jennifer’s interview for the afternoon. After the interview, she is planning to go to the Aeroflot office to get the flight changed to Saturday. Our facilitator thinks that leaving Friday might be pushing things a little too much.

Jennifer said Kolya slept well throughout the night. He woke up a few times, but each time he went back to sleep without fussing or needing Jennifer’s help.

Now I’m going to try to get a few hours of sleep.


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Jennifer is in Moscow

I just called Jennifer. It’s 8 pm there. She and Kolya were having dinner. Kolya was eating cheese crackers, drinkable yogurt, and some other things I can’t remember…. but it was pretty much everything that Emma and Shea eat. Seems like he’ll fit right in. :)

Now for the “not fit in” category: at the orphanage, they said he sleeps from 8:30 pm to around 8:15 am.

Now for the great news: Jennifer picked up Kolya at the orphanage, then they rushed to the passport office. They had Kolya’s passport ready, so that’s already taken care of! (Jennifer had to stop on the way to the passport office to get gifts for the passport workers because they did some favors to get things done so quickly.) We thought that would be an entire day’s process. The schedule for Wednesday is to go to the US Embassy to get Kolya’s visa & have his medical exam done. The schedule for Thursday is register Kolya with the Russian Federation (I’m not exactly sure what that involves). The tentative schedule for Friday: Jennifer and Kolya come home.

We’re trying not to get too excited about coming home on Friday because there are still so many variables (including getting flights changed), but it’s certainly looking like a possibility. Keep praying!

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Start of the 3rd Trip

I just got back from driving Jennifer to JFK Airport in New York. The drive to and from the airport went smoothly. I stayed at the airport until about 4:00 pm, then left so that I could beat some of the NYC traffic.

I spoke to Jennifer several times before her plane took off. Due to haze around New York, her flight left about an hour later than scheduled.

On the drive to the airport, Jennifer spoke with our adoption agency several times since the agency was communicating with our lawyer in Moscow. All reports indicate the paperwork is ready for Jennifer to go directly from the airport to the orphanage in order to get Kolya. After that, the fun of jumping through the governmental hoops begins!

I’ll post more as soon as I hear from Jennifer.


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