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Day Three – Tuesday

We are a little discouraged today. We found out this morning that our court date is Friday. That means we can’t fly home on Friday. We went to the Aeroflot office and changed our flight to Saturday. We’re thankful that they had room for us. In December, the flight on Saturday was full by now.

Emma and Shea… looks like you get a present on Saturday, too!

Amy, will you be able to stay with the kids on Saturday? Or would it make more sense for Nana and PopPop to stay with them since Bethany’s party is Saturday morning? Nana and PopPop, are you still OK with taking them to Bethany’s party? Amy, we’re sure you could go along to Chuck E Cheese if you want to stay with the kids.

We went to the orphanage today. He was playful and smiling and giggling. At first it was rough because they had a play for the kids, so the playroom was being used and we had to play with him in the director’s office. Once we went to the playroom, he brightened up.

Dinner tonight: TGI Friday’s. Not the best.

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Day Two – Monday

We went to the orphanage today. It was a good visit with Kolya. He did not take long to warm up to us. We saw several smiles today, and he was more playful than when we visited in December. We don’t know if that is from him recognizing us, if he’s feeling better (he had a cold in December), or if two months of growing have changed him. We could tell he gained some weight (his face looked fuller). And he needs a haircut. :)

After the orphanage, we went back to the hotel for naps. We’re having a more difficult time with the jet lag this time. Both of us had trouble sleeping Sunday night.

We just got back from dinner (Moscow is 8 hours ahead, so it’s around 7 pm right now). We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Andrew had fun looking at the music memorabilia. Jennifer was a good sport. The food was good. We are in Moscow. We ate at an American restaurant. Both of us had Mexican food.

On Tuesday the plan is to return to the orphanage in the morning. We will visit with Kolya. The inspector from his region is supposed to go with us so she can see how we interact with Kolya. From what we here, it’s nothing too stressful.

We attached two pictures from today. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

Kolya Close UpKolya sitting on floor

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Please feel free to post updates about Emma and Shea, things going on back home, etc.

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Day One

We had an uneventful flight to Moscow. No movies shown again! But we got to watch the GPS of the plane going over Canada, the Atlantic, and several European Countries for 9 hours.

Our hotel is nice. The location is good… we like it more than our previous hotel.

On our way here, we met a couple from Mechanicsburg on the same flight as us. They are adopting a little girl. We found out that Lorrie did their home study. They wanted us to let Lorrie know that they are in Moscow, too.

We just got back from dinner. We ate at the Italian restaurant that Colleen recommended on Arbat Street. It was good. Maybe someday we’ll eat something other than pizza.

Tonight we have to wait for a call from our lawyer/facilitator to find out what we do on Monday.

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2005_12_15 (20).JPG

This picture was taken in December, 2005, during our first visit to Russia.
Click on the picture to see the large version.

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Russian Adoption Information

If you have time, here is a good site giving background information about Russian adoptions, including why this whole process has been taking so long.

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General Plans

We recevied a call from our adoption agency Friday, Feb. 10, informing us that we have a court date in Moscow during the week of Feb. 27. Moscow does not give us the specific date until we arrive in Moscow.

We plan to fly to Moscow on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Originally we hoped that this would be the trip to bring Kolya home, but our agency told us that getting the 10-day (business days, no less) waiting period waived requires a miracle since the judges in Moscow have not been waiving the waiting period. A miracle is what we’re praying for.

If we must wait 10 days, we’ll return home March 3rd without Kolya and then return to Moscow in the middle of March to bring him home.

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We will try to keep this updated during the next couple of weeks so that friends and family will know what is happening with our adoption process.

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